massachusetts tornado jewish mother
Jericho, Long Island resident, Sherry Mandelbaum feels that her son Eli is responsible for the terrible storms that tore through Springfield, Massachusetts this morning: “Well of course it’s his fault! He neva calls, he neva writes, and he neva has his motha ova fa dinna!”

Reports indicate that the twisters killed at least four people, injured an additional 200, and left almost 50,000 homes without power. When asked about her plans to help those left homeless by the storms, Sherry said, “He coulda been a docta, a lawya, but he’s just a dentist! He should be more like his cousins, they all work fa very promising optometrists.”

State officials say that disaster relief operations will be carried out by 1,000 recently deployed National Guard members. “He’s always just sitting around,” Sherry told reporters. “He needs ta find a nice girl to settle down with.”

photo by pedrosimoes7